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Tips to Using Liming Wax

Tip #1: Using Liming Wax over Water Based Wood Dyes

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These Oak boards are finished using Briwax Liming Wax. Liming wax is a white wax used primarily to accent the grain of the wood, or carved details of a piece.

In this example, the boards were dyed using Briwax Water Based Wood Dyes.

The red and blue dye was used to color the wood without stopping up the pores of the wood. Since the pores are wide open, the pores can be filled with white Liming Wax. Notice the contrast. A very different and appealing method to finish a piece. Remember Liming Wax is the original pickling wax or white wax.

The final step is to use Clear Briwax over the entire piece. This will “clean up” any excess Liming Wax on the piece. Carefully wipe across the grain so as to not remove all of the Liming Wax in the grain.

Tip #2: Think of Liming Wax as a whitewash

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Liming Wax was used on raw pine and then cleaned up with Clear Briwax. The Liming Wax will highlight the grain of the wood and give an overall light finish to the piece.

Tip #3: Liming Wax used to highlight details

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Liming Wax was used in the crevasses to bring out details.

Tip #4: Transform Bold colors into Pastels

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Vivid colors using Water Based Wood Dyes

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The vivid colors from the photo above are now pastels using Liming Wax. Clear Briwax has been used over the Liming Wax to clean up some of the wax.

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