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TRG Products — 1.800.3BRIWAX
NEW Fax: 770.420.9532 NEW
email: thebriwaxguy@gmail.com
P.O. Box 670662 - Marietta, GA 30066


All of our products are of the best quality available and are imported directly from Europe
Briwax products carry the Royal Warrant.
This is the Queen of England's highest seal of approval for quality!


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Have a question about any of the Briwax products? The most frequently asked questions are answered at the The Briwax Guy's Help Desk

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available.
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Just need a small quantity of Briwax? Use this link: SHOP Briwax NOW. For Wholesale Information on carrying Briwax in your business, give us a call at 800.327.4929.

TRG Products — 1.800.327.4929
NEW Fax: 770.420.9532 NEW
email: thebriwaxguy@gmail.com
To Request Wholesale Information: sales.trgproducts@gmail.com