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Using Briwax Liquid

Briwax is a paste wax and usually a paste wax is a firm, solid form of wax. This firm, solid form is traditionally how we all will want to use our paste wax. That's why we always tell customers who tell us their wax is liquid to "put it into the refrigerator and just like butter it will become hard again”.

But, what if you need to use Briwax on a rough sawn timber, a deeply carved piece (see the corbel below) or perhaps just a really rough piece of wood (see the piece of driftwood below)?  As you look at these examples, ask yourself how would you apply Briwax to them? The disadvantage of using Briwax in a liquid state is that you will use much more wax than necessary and it will be wasteful. You will need to be the judge about how is best for your project to use Briwax either in a paste form or liquid form.

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Here is an easy step-by-step process to safely liquify Briwax and use your Briwax in a liquid form.
  • Using a slow cooker turned on high temperature, place your opened can of Briwax in a “water bath”. The water level for the "water bath" should be about 1/2 way on the can of Briwax. Do not let the water get into the can of Briwax.
  • Once the water in the slow cooker gets hot, it will take about 15 minutes for a 1-pound can of Briwax to completely liquify (this also depends on the temperature where you're working) or about 30 minutes for a 7-pound can of Briwax.
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You can liquify your Briwax and brush it on.  Briwax naturally is designed to turn liquid at 85 degrees. During the warmer months of the year, getting Briwax into a liquid state is quite easy. However, during the colder months of the year, some help will be required to get the wax liquid.
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  • Now that your Briwax is liquid, you're ready to apply Briwax to your piece.  To brush the Briwax onto your piece, we recommend that you use an inexpensive, disposable chip brush.  These brushes are available at almost all hardware stores and in various sizes.
  • Dip the brush into the Briwax and begin to brush the Briwax over the piece.
  • Try and spread the Briwax as far as it will go while it is liquid.  Briwax will begin to solidify on the piece rather quickly.  How quickly the Briwax will solidify will also be dependent on the temperature of the piece on which you're working as well as the ambient temperature of your workspace.
  • As you're working, the wax in the can (especially in cold weather) will begin to solidify.  Briwax can go from a liquid state to a solid state numerous times without  diminishing the quality of the product.  When the product becomes solid, simply place it back into the hot water bath.
  • Once you've completely waxed the piece, you're ready to buff.  Due to the fact that brushing Briwax onto the piece uses a substantial amount of wax, it will be necessary to let the piece dry for several minutes.
  • Next, you should take a soft cloth and wipe down the piece to remove some of the excess Briwax.
  • Now you're ready to buff the piece using a tampico bristle brush.  You can use either the hand brush or one of the tampico brushes designed to be used with an electric, pneumatic or cordless drill.
  • Once the buffing is complete, you're done!
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This method of liquifying Briwax is especially helpful in the winter when nature's lower temperatures keep the wax firm and solid!

In the summer, it is always easy and convenient to simply set your can of Briwax in a sunny spot for a few minutes and it will be liquid!

Remember that the color in the wax is suspended in the wax.  That means that even though the wax is liquid, you'll still have all of the benefits of the color of the wax  --  just like if the wax was solid.

And for those of you whose Briwax is liquid and don't want it that way . . .

BRIWAX will turn into a liquid in hot weather, or from sitting in a hot delivery truck all day or perhaps your garage.  This in no way diminishes the quality of the product.  Simply allow the container to come to room temperature to return to a paste form. You may hear the Briwax sloshing around in the can, don't panic, pop it into the refrigerator - like butter, it will become hard again. You will be much less wasteful if your Briwax is a firm paste when you use it.

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