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Briwax as the Only Finish

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Rustic Pine Briwax as the only finish on this Pine table. Turn the table upside down (and place on saw horses for ease of application) and use Briwax on all of the surfaces.

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A 1-pound can of Briwax will cover between 400 and 600 square feet. Pine will require 3 or 4 applications of wax to fill all of the pores in order to obtain a sheen.

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The finished table. Briwax enhances the grain of the wood and blends every time. There are never any match lines - so start and stop as needed. A soft cloth was used for the application of Briwax and also the buffing. Remember to buff after each application of Briwax.

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Rustic Pine Briwax was used to restore this antique blanket chest. Briwax loves a rough surface - do not over sand the piece - let Briwax fill in and smooth the surfaces. Details about this project are shown in a video - Briwax Restores an Antique Blanket Chest

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Light Brown Briwax did a beautiful job on this very rough piece of driftwood. The Briwax was liquified and applied with a paint brush because this wood was so rough. A polishing brush was used to buff this piece. For more information, visit Using Briwax Liquid and Using Briwax Liquid 2.

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Teak Briwax on Cherry wood.

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Teak Briwax on Teak wood.

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The unfinished chair on the left and detail of the finished product above. This chair was finished with Light Brown Briwax only.

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Dark Brown Briwax on Basswood on the carved sign above and the carved pineapple to the right.

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