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Briwax on Cherry Wood

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Beautiful cherry wood corbel finished with Teak Briwax. Briwax was applied with a soft cloth - 3 applications - and then buffed to a beautiful sheen. Let the Briwax dry between applications. It is acceptable to apply the Briwax in circular motion; however, smooth out and always finish the application WITH the grain of the wood. Buff between all applications of Briwax. Buffing with a cloth (as opposed to a brush) will allow the Teak Briwax to stay in the crevasses of the carving - accenting the carving depth.

Supplies for this project:
  • Teak Briwax
  • Soft Cloth or Microfiber Pad for Briwax application
  • Clean soft cloth for buffing

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These two photos show the cherry wood unfinished on the right side of the corbel. The angle of the photo also allows you to see the intensity of the Teak color Briwax.

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Beautiful finished corbel - ready to be installed.

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