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Briwax on Furniture

Briwax can be used on almost any piece of furniture you can imagine.

As you apply Briwax, keep the following in mind:
  • Light Brown Briwax is an excellent color of Briwax to select when you have several different colors of wood in your home.
  • Apply light applications of Briwax and buff between applications. It is better to apply Briwax 2 or 3 times in light applications than one heavy application.
  • If you can’t achieve a sheen, you have too much wax on the piece.
  • After you have buffed the final application of Briwax, take a moment to complete the “White Glove” test. Take a clean cloth - preferably white - and buff as hard as you can over the entire piece. This will ensure that you have removed any “excess” wax that a previous buffing may have missed.
  • Briwax is reversible. If you change your mind on a color of Briwax, simply re-wax with clear or another color of Briwax. Remember that the wax that is in the crevasses will have to be removed with paint thinner. If you are unsure as to how dark you would like to go with Briwax, we suggest that you begin with a light color Briwax first then apply a darker Briwax over the light colored wax. A dark color of Briwax applied first to a raw piece of furniture will be very, very hard to reverse to a light color.
  • Test Briwax in an inconspicuous spot on your furniture prior to diving into the project to make certain you like the results.
  • With Briwax, you will achieve near professional results in an amazingly short period of time.
  • Enjoy . . . and do a good job!
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