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Using Briwax in Restoring Antiques

Whether you have acquired a family heirloom or a unique piece from the corner antique mall, we recommend that your first step in an antique restoration is to use Briwax. Let the solvent in Briwax clean up the piece and the wax in Briwax hide and diminish dings, dents and scratches. Briwax clean, stains and polishes.

You may find that this application of Briwax may be your only step in the restoration process. If you are not completely happy with the results of the initial Briwax application, you now know that you need to work a little harder on your project. Stripping the piece may be necessary to achieve the look you desire.

Whatever you decide, let Briwax help you with a beautiful finish to preserve and protect your hard work.

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If your piece is smooth and relatively clean, apply Briwax with a soft cloth – a small terry cloth towel works very well. Using the soft cloth, pick up a SMALL amount of Briwax. As the British would say, “use it sparingly”. Now, spread the Briwax onto your furniture as far as it will go – you’ll notice that the areas where Briwax has been applied will be dull. Work in small areas at a time. You don’t need to worry about match lines, Briwax will blend every time.

If your piece has lots of dirt and grime from years of storage in a basement or barn, you can apply Briwax using steel wool (0000) to cut through the grime more quickly. Even with using steel wool, "use Briwax sparingly". Especially on antiques, we recommend to try Briwax first to let it reveal what the next step should be. Often times, Briwax is the only product you'll need to refurbish the piece. You can clean, stain and polish -- all with one product - Briwax!

You’ll want to rub to get Briwax into the pores / cracks / crevasses of the piece. You can apply Briwax in a circular motion, but always finish with the grain. Allow the Briwax to dry – usually within minutes. Now, with a clean, fresh cloth, buff the area. You should see a lovely sheen.

Now, move to the next section of the piece and repeat the process. If you don’t achieve the sheen you desire with the first application of Briwax, repeat it. The solvent that is in Briwax will dissolve the previous application – you’ll never have wax build-up!

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If your piece is excessively dirty or has rough spots, you can apply Briwax using #0000 steel wool. Simply get a small piece of steel wool, pick up Briwax with the steel wool and rub Briwax into the piece. Don’t apply a lot of pressure, let Briwax work for you. The solvent in the product will clean the dirt off of the piece. Briwax likes a rough surface and needs something to hold on to!!

Remember . . .

  • Use Briwax sparingly – a little goes a long way. For example, a 6 foot dining table top will require only about one tablespoon of Briwax!!!

  • You’ll never have lap marks.

  • If you can’t achieve a sheen, you have too much Briwax on your piece. But, remember, Briwax removes the previous application – and as strange as it may sound, apply more Briwax (sparingly) to remove the excess wax.

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