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The Briwax Guy’s How to Age Pine

Warm, honey colored pine is a very popular look. You may hear it called "English country", "Irish country", "Country French", "Primitive" or "Natural". It is still our friend the pine tree, with all of its knots, showing its warmth and versatility as furniture. The look is a warm honey color with slight or drastic distress marks here and there. The look has a character all it's own.

You can create this country look without the task of trying to pick the correct stain and worrying about the stain blotching on the pine. Best of all you can do it in minutes!

The "country" look came about from furniture purveyors finding interesting pieces in old farm houses, convents, schools and churches all over Europe. The pieces were very interesting in design but were usually covered in 10 coats of paint.

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To remove the paint quickly, entrepreneurs would place the painted furniture in a vat of caustic soda (lye) for up to 24 hours. This drastic action, of course, removes all the paint, loosens the joints and dissolved any glue if there happened to be any. After a day in this bath, the furniture was removed and hosed down with water and wired brushed to remove any last residue of paint particles.

The stripping away of the paint revealed almost all of the furniture was made of pine. The wood’s reaction to the lye left a grayish cast to the surface.

Today a visit to almost any antique shop, reproduction house or museum reveals the timeless beauty of pine furniture. It has survived and has a look all to itself. The look is a hand-waxed finish that brings out the natural beauty of the pine, knots and all. Look in almost any magazine and you will witness the look of old pine on many pages.

To create this natural "country" finish in your own shop is quite simple and fool-proof. Let's start with any pine piece direct from the manufacturer or reclaimed from an old barn or warehouse.

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The pine furniture to which we have given our special aging technique turn out a beautiful shade of honey. The color will deepen with age and start to present an inner glow. You and your customers will try to guess how old these pieces really are. Maybe with the appropriate dings, scratches and distress marks you can sell them as authentic 1850's Victorian reproduction pieces.

This aging technique is ideal for entertainment centers, armoires, desks, tables, stools, benches, wash stands, cupboards or any piece that lends itself to construction in pine. The finish will only get better in time and will be quite easy to maintain.

Furniture restorers and manufacturers used this technique to aid in the restoration of authentic pieces and to develop a line of reproduction furniture in the 90's. This procedure is also used extensively in the Pine Furniture Industry.

Learn how to create this look - use this link:

Step-by-Step “The Briwax Guy’s How to Age Pine”

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Photos compliments of Nottingham Antiques

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