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The Olde Century Colors Help Desk

  • What preparations should be taken for the piece I want to paint?
    All surfaces prior to painting should be CLEAN, DULL and DRY. Try using Mineral Spirits (paint thinner) or TSP to clean your piece. Your surfaces may require some sanding to remove rough spots and to create a dull finish. After sanding, clean the surfaces to remove any dust.

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  • Can Olde Century Colors Paints be used outside?
    Yes. Both the Acrylic Latex and the Simulated Milk Paints can be used indoors or outdoors.

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  • What makes the Olde Century Colors Acrylic Latex paint special?
    The Olde Century Colors Acrylic Latex paint is the best technology available in water based paints. Adhesion and film durability are exceptional. This paint provides excellent coverage in one coat, good retention and color performance. The paint flows on easily and dries to a low, soft sheen finish. Quick drying, low odor, non-yellowing and soap and water clean-up. For interior or exterior use.

    The Acrylic Latex paints are a pre-mixed formula where all pigments are ground in at the time of manufacture. These paints offer a deeper intensity of color due to this process.

    To see all of the colors of the Acrylic Latex Paints, use this link:
    Acrylic Latex Paint Board.

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  • Can you tell me a little more about Simulated Milk Paint?
    Milk paint was originally formulated using commonly available natural ingredients  –  lamp black, berries, dried plants or roots of herbs for the pigments and buttermilk for the binders.  The colors produced by these special formulas are unmatched – even today!
    Olde Century Colors brings to you the same natural characteristics of the original milk paint but has added the convenience of a pre-mixed formula.  Plus our simulated milk paint is available in 2-oz. bottles, pints, quarts and gallons.  To see all of the gorgeous colors in our Simulated Milk Paints, use this link:
    Simulated Milk Paint Color Board. Also, read this article on our blog: Simulated Milk Paint.

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  • Can you give me some tips on painting?
    If you’re ready to take on a painting project, take a few minutes to read these easy and time saving tips from our blog: Paint Tips.

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  • What is the difference between dry paint and cured paint?
    When painting a piece always use thin coats. The thinner the coat the faster (and harder) the paint will dry. Whether you use water base or oil base paint always use several thin coats vs. thicker. Now, all that being said, here is what happens after the paint film has been applied. As soon as you are finished painting, the solvents in the paint start to evaporate into the air. Depending on the humidity this can take several minutes to several hours. Read the entire article: Paint Drying versus Paint Curing on our blog.

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  • Can Briwax be used over paint?
    Briwax and Olde Century Colors go together beautifully. Make sure that your paint is cured (not just dry) and apply Briwax with a soft cloth. If you want a sheen only, Clear Briwax is a good choice. If you want just a little "aging", Light Brown Briwax is the color you should use. If you want a lot of "aging", try Dark Brown Briwax. Read more and see some examples of Dark Brown Briwax on both Acrylic Latex and Simulated Milk Paints using this link to our blog: Olde Century Colors + Briwax - a perfect pairing.

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  • How much will a one gallon can of paint cover?
    An undiluted gallon of paint should cover approximately 400 square feet.

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