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How to Use

How to Use Briwax

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Briwax on Finished Wood

Briwax on Kitchen Cabinets

Briwax on Metals

How to I calculate the Coverage of Briwax

Briwax Liquid

Using Briwax Liquid 2 - step-by-step process

Briwax Hints -- Find the answers to these questions here!

  • What is Briwax?

  • Briwax is Reversible

  • Briwax is designed to melt at 85 degrees

  • The green lid that came on your Briwax can . . .

  • How long will my wax finish resist a spill?

  • Achieving a sheen using Briwax

  • Does Clear Briwax ever yellow?

  • Antique Mahogany Briwax

  • Briwax also comes in a 7-pound Trade Size

  • How do you remove Briwax?

  • Briwax is the final finish

  • What is Briwax 2000?

  • Sheen or no sheen?

  • How do you pronounce Briwax?

  • Can Briwax remove marks or white water rings?

  • Am I limited in the ways I use Briwax?

Photo Album - Briwax as the Only Finish

Photo Album - Briwax Over Paint

Photo Album - Briwax on Cherry

Photo Album - Briwax on Furniture

Photo Album - Briwax on Concrete

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